The Liberian Initiatives Overview

The Liberian initiatives is a youth empowerment and community-led initiatives that find solutions to extreme poverty, hunger and social injustices affecting youth (street youth, war affected youth and former combatants). The program focuses on building youth capacity and strengthens social, economic, political and emotional empowerment of youth to reach their full potential in becoming useful contributors and future leaders of their community and strengthen community reconciliation for peace through rigorous and evidence base interventions.

The Liberian civil war created huge generational gaps with the vast majority of young people who lived through the war, deprived of opportunities to education and social skills critical to lead productive lives. Addressing the capacity, livelihood, and political inclusion of children and young men and women is an issue for reparation, social justice, as well as an opportunity for economic growth.

Liberian women and children were the most violated survival during the civil war.  They were sexually violated and maimed as instrument of war.  This dishonor of women brought shame to all ethnic communities and Liberia as a whole.  In peace time, structural inequalities including socio-economic exclusion and lack of access to economic opportunities have undermined the progress of young women and girls in Liberia.Economic empowerment of women is essential for restorative and social justice in Liberia.

In addition, to restore the soul of Liberia, the country must publicly disavow itself of the violations and ensure women who bear the physical and psychological scars and those who were made destitute benefit from some forms of reparation.  Special attention must be paid to providing women access to economic opportunities, addressing sexual and gender based violence that persist since the end of the war, ensure women play key role in the national reconciliation and peacebuilding process.

The civil war and the long history of divisive politics and systems of governance have polarized Liberian communities.  The program aims to foster intra and inter-ethnic cohesion through social, cultural, and economic activities, including sports, cultural dances and festivals, collective community projects and the transformation of social structures that entrench polarization.

Our Strategic Objectives

  • Strengthen and expand constituencies for peace, address causes and mitigate conflict and violence, and socially, economically, politically empowered youth in Liberia;
  • Facilitate the reduction of extreme poverty, hunger, and social injustices and empower youth through sustainable transformation and income generation in Liberia;
  • Ensured health and reduce poverty within the next generation of youth in Liberia.

Through these components, our program aims to reduce youth poverty and social injustices, increase self-esteem, self-worth, build youth capacity socially, economically, politically, emotionally and reduce the prevalence of various types of sexual transmitted infections and enhance community cohesion. 


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