Research and Evaluation

We have received approval from ethical review boards in both the U.S. and Liberia to conduct an impact study on both the effectiveness of NEPI Program and Curriculum as well as the following outcomes:

Primary Outcomes

  • Reduce poverty and decrease crime
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Improve self-efficacy
  • Improve responsible decision-making skills

Secondary Outcomes

  • Improve social support systems
  • Improve well-being and mental health
  • Decrease sexual risk behaviors
  • Decrease gender based violence
  • Increase health services for adolescents 
  • Decrease teenage pregnancy rates
  • Identify conflict indicators

We collaborated with Dr. Christopher Blattman Assistant Professor, Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs, Dr. Margaret Sheridan Harvard University and Dr. Julian Jemison a Behavior Economist at Federal Reserve in DC in order to develop systems to:

  • Incorporate feedback from the program participants participated in the program so far to ensure acceptability, feasibility, buy-in, and relevance to local context and culture;
  • Identify potential areas that require further modification or introduction of evidence-based materials;
  • Ascertain best ways to ensure quality-control in the facilitation of the intervention; and
  • Develop a scientifically sound questionnaire adapted to the local context from validated measures used to demonstrate the impact of self-esteem, self-efficacy, decision making, poverty reduction, risky behavior, and well-being.

We hope to prove that our program is effective and can be replicated in low-resource environments throughout Sub-Sahara Africa

Additional Monitoring and Evaluation

We have developed and applied rigorous evaluation strategy to the STYL program, will have to developed and evaluate the SEA and the PEACE components of the NEPI program. We also plan to identify conflict indicators as we implement the PEACE components.

The combination of the STYL, SEA and PEACE is a relatively new approach in Sub-Sahara Africa and we believe that youth empowerment programs throughout conflict affected area in Sub-Sahara Africa can highly benefit from incorporating the NEPI’s approach.


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