Sexual Education and Awareness ( SEA )

Sexual Education and Awareness (SEA) is a community led initiative empowering young people with up-to-date knowledge and the freedom to make their own choices regarding their sexual health and behavior. It focuses on ensuring health and reducing poverty within the next generation of youth.  SEA will combine preventive health measures, group education, community outreach, mobilization and mass-media campaigns and policy advocacy to effectively empowering young people. SEA will change cultural norms and behavior by increasing self-esteem, self-efficacy, responsible choices, well-being and social support of women, young girls and boys as partners. SEA will bridge the gender gaps, prevent sexual exploitation, reduce exposure to various types of sexual coercion, increase access to reproductive health care, reduce early pregnancy, decrease school dropout, and reduce HIV/AIDS infection and sexual transmitted infection. The program will providing girls with safe, clean and appropriate hygiene and sanitation facilities increasing their likelihood to attend schools, and decreases their risk to sexual violence.

SEA Goal

The goal of this program is to ensured health and reduce poverty within the next generation of youth in Liberia.


  • To campaign and advocate for policy change and effectively empowering young people to make their own choices regarding their sexual health and behavior.
  • Facilitate preventive health measure and reproductive health education as an explicit part of Liberia recovery process.
    Bridge gender gaps, promote gender-equitable norms among youth, prevent sexual exploitation, increase access to reproductive health care, decrease school dropout.
  • Increase youth and adolescents’ participation and access to free youth-focused family planning resources as well as HIV/AIDS and STI prevention and treatment services, increase information dissemination to the larger community on gender related issues affecting the youth.


  • Service Based: Provide reproductive health & safe sex education, HIV/AIDS awareness, distribute condom, link clients to health centers, bring perpetrators of sexual abuse to justice and caring for survivals through medical assistance and counseling.
  • Group Education: Program will adapt a culturally appropriate curriculum based on the Social Emotional  Learning (SEL) and Gender Based Violence model
  • Community Outreach and Mobilization: Program will sensitize local leaders about the effect of gender inequality, disseminate educational and informational materials with messages related to health and gender through the local media, include public service messages/announcements on local radio; billboards; distribution of educational materials; marches and cultural events, including theatre (such as street theatre or community theatre)
  • Advocacy Campaign: The program will campaign and advocate for policy change that put young people at the center of development and effectively empower young people to make their own choices regarding their sexual health and behavior


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